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Tools Documentation


The installation program for SmartEiffel. More about install here.


That's the only command-line tool you have to know about. It starts the many tools provided by SmartEiffel. More about se here.

Browse the tools documentation online (http)!

The following commands are obsolete. Some people prefer to add the SmartEiffel/bin in their PATH, so they can directly use those commands. This method is no longer recommended. Put the se command somewhere in your PATH instead (e.g. /usr/local/bin on Linux).


Starting from an Eiffel source program, generates the corresponding C code and then the executable. This is probably the command you want to use. More about compile here.


The Eiffel to C compiler itself. You do not generally invoke it explicitly. More about compile_to_c here.


The Eiffel to Java byte-code compiler. Starting from an Eiffel source program, generates the corresponding .class files. More about compile_to_jvm here.


Eiffel interface extraction tool. Can generate documentation using different formats (ASCII, HTML, etc.) More about short here.


Eiffel pretty printer. More about pretty here.


Used to find Eiffel source files according to the system configuration. More about finder here.


Used to clean Eiffel project directories. More about clean here.


Java byte-code disassembler and pretty printer. We find it more convenient than javap. More about print_jvm_class here.


A documentation system that builds the API of a system. Currently it builds HTML files. More about eiffeldoc here.

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