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Download SmartEiffel's Tools and Libraries

To know the number of the latest stable release, see first the History of Changes. Note that a beta release is always tested with the same test suite as the plain stable release and, yes, you can really trust a beta release.

If you are a Windows user (98 / 2000 / NT or XP), the best way to get SmartEiffel running is to download an auto-extractible archive which is actually a Windows .EXE executable file. Names for auto-extractible Windows archives are the names matching the SmartEiffel-*.exe pattern. As for all archives, the * part indicates the release number of SmartEiffel. Note that each auto-extractible archive includes a ready-to-use SmartEiffel for the Windows operating system as well as the whole source code to install or re-install SmartEiffel from scratch. Actually, all the material included in the traditional SmartEiffel-*.zip archive is also part of the corresponding SmartEiffel-*.exe archive. Please, note that the traditional SmartEiffel-*.zip archive does not contains a ready-to-use SmartEiffel system. Furthermore, if you do not have your own C compiler already installed on your Windows box, we strongly recommend you to download a SmartEiffel-*.exe auto-extractible archive (yes, a C compiler is shipped together whith any SmartEiffel-*.exe archive).

If you are a Linux / Unix user, just select your preferred archive format: the classic SmartEiffel-*.tgz archive or the SmartEiffel-*.tar.bz2 archive. Both have exactely the same contents which is actually identical to the SmartEiffel-*.zip archive.

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Mirrors of the SmartEiffel Web Site

Australia: http://planetmirror.com/pub/smarteiffel/
Australia: ftp://planetmirror.com/pub/smarteiffel/
Australia: ftp://ftp.progsoc.uts.edu.au/pub/Eiffel/SmartEiffel/
Austria: http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/pub/languages/SmartEiffel/
Norway: ftp://ftp.pvv.ntnu.no/pub/languages/SmartEiffel/
USA: ftp://ftp.cs.rit.edu/pub/mirrors/SmartEiffel/

If you wish to mirror the SmartEiffel distribution, or know of a mirror that's not listed here, drop us a note.

Source Controlled Repository

The SCM tool (Software Configuration Management tool) used by the SmartEiffel team is hosted at gforge.inria.fr. This gives you access to the most bleeding-edge version of SmartEiffel. You can see how SmartEiffel evolves, and, for some of you, more actively participate to its development.

Snapshot Version With Source Code Only

Better than the old snapshot, just use directly the SCM development repository of the SmartEiffel team. This gives you access to the most bleeding-edge version of SmartEiffel.

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