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Related Projects

This page lists (Smart)Eiffel software resources (libraries and tools) that should be useful if you're using SmartEiffel. It contains links to projects developed around or for SmartEiffel (but not by the SmartEiffel team). The SmartEiffel team gives no guarantees about the quality, usefulness or anything about these resources (in fact, we haven't had time to test most of them).

If you want to help (which we do encourage you to do!), to complain, to signal bugs, or to get more information about any of these, please follow the links and contact directly the people in charge, or use the SmartEiffel mailing list. We, the SmartEiffel team, won't be able to help you.

If you know about a serious project that is not mentioned here and should be, or if you find an error below, or think one of the resources has nothing to do here, please send me an e-mail with the relevant information. Also do so if you have an ongoing project for which you need help (we probably won't help you directly, but we'll put your request on this page).

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Libraries

eGTK, by Richie Bielak et al.
Eiffel / GTK+ binding. Works on UNIX and probably Windows.

[New!] EiffelFox, by Darren Hiebert.
Wrapper (binding) for the FOX GUI Toolkit. Works on Unix and Win32.

eiffel-gtk, by Paul Janzen and Francois Pennach
SmartEiffel / Gtk bindings. Works on UNIX.

Eiffel Xlib, by Stephane Hillion.
Binding to the C 'Xlib' library. Works on Linux, Solaris and Windows NT/Cygwin32.

Fenestra, by Franck Arnaud.
Win32 API GUI library.

GRAPE for SmartEiffel, by Steven White.
GRAphical Programming for Eiffel for SmartEiffel. Works on Windows and probably UNIX.
Steven wouldn't mind getting some help for extensions.

Tcl-Eiffel, by Joachim Bergmeyer.
GUI support by providing a connection to Tcl/Tk.

Database Interface Libraries

ECLI, by Paul G. Crismer and al.
An Eiffel wrapper around the X/Open ISO/CLI (also known as ODBC under Windows). Provides an API to RDBMS drivers and uses SQL92.

eSQL, by Patrick Doyle and al.
The Eiffel SQL Library. Works with Linux and mSQL 2.0 from Hughes Technologies

PG, by Dustin Salling.
A basic interface to the PostgreSQL relational database.

Networking & Web Libraries

CGI, by Dustin Salling.
A very simple CGI class.

EiffeLDAP, by Dustin Salling.
Eiffel/OpenLDAP binding. In progress.

The Eiffel Sockets Library, by Jeffrey Straszheim.
Application level networking library. Works on Linux; should be rather portable. In (apparently quick) progress.

The mico/E CORBA and Eiffel project.
A complete implementation of CORBA for Eiffel.

ORBIT_Eiffel, by Brian Wallis.
Binding for the ORBit ORB. "Quite incomplete and only for the brave :-)"

Small-FCGI, by Lyn Headley.
SmartEiffel Bindings for Fast CGI.

[New!] yaesockets (Yet Another Eiffel Sockets), by Marcio Marchini.
A multi-OS (Win32, Linux, QNX, etc) TCP/IP API layer for Eiffel.

Base / Data structures Libraries

Pylon, by Franck Arnaud.
Compact foundation library providing the classic data structures (lists, sets, tables, date + time,...) and a few additional useful things.

Gobo Eiffel Structure Library, by Eric Bezault.
Portable Eiffel class library.

Big_numbers, by Stephane Hillion.
Arbitary precision numbers library.

Others Libraries

e-POSIX, by Berend de Boer.
Almost complete Standard C and POSIX binding.

Gobo Eiffel Lex, by Eric Bezault.
Portable lexical analyser generator.

Gobo Eiffel Yacc, by Eric Bezault.
Portable parser generator.

eXML, by Andreas Leitner.
Eiffel XML Parser Toolkit. Works under Windows and Linux (and other UNIXes ?). eXML is now included in Gobo project.

SWIGEIFFEL, by Alex Cozzi.
Extension to SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) to produce Eiffel interfaces to C libraries. (Alternate address: http://www.alexcozzi.com/sw/)

BASE64, by Dustin Salling.
A simple Base64 encode/decode class.

ISS RegEx/SE, by Richie Bielak.
Port of the ISS RegEx matching library to SmartEiffel.

midi-eiffel, by Mike Durian.
An Eiffel wrapper to tclmidi, a TCL extension to deal with MIDI files.

Optimus, by Greg Reagle.
GNU style command line argument parsing. Features support for long/short options, counting of options, intermixing of options and arguments, options with required or optional arguments...

[New!] EPDF, by Paul G. Crismer and al.
Eiffel library for producing PDF.


eiffel-mode.el, by Martin Schwenke
Eiffel mode for GNU Emacs, with support for SmartEiffel.

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