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Some Useful Links

The Eiffel FAQ

Maintained by the great Franck Arnaud, this is the must-see source of information. You can get an up-to-date version of the Eiffel FAQ here.

The Eiffel Newsgroup

The Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the Eiffel language is comp.lang.eiffel


The EiffelZone, maintained by Roger Browne, is a very complete and up-to-date source of Eiffel software and libraries. Roger deserves many cheers!

Eiffel Books

  • Design Patterns and Contracts, by Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Michel Train and Christine Mingins.
    A very good book, with plenty of examples to compile with SmartEiffel!

Eiffel Web Sites

Objects Newsgroup

The Usenet newsgroup dedicated to object technologies is comp.objects

Objects Web Sites

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