creation features
left: INTEGER_32
writable attribute
writable attribute
width: INTEGER_32
writable attribute
height: INTEGER_32
writable attribute
effective function
effective procedure
get_window: NCURSES_WINDOW
effective function
effective procedure
effective procedure
effective procedure
last_left: INTEGER_32
writable attribute
writable attribute
writable attribute
effective procedure
effective procedure
hidden: BOOLEAN
writable attribute
effective procedure
effective procedure
is_children_drawing_disable: BOOLEAN
writable attribute
draw_children (b: BOOLEAN)
effective procedure
set_foreground_color (color: INTEGER_32)
effective procedure
set_background_color (color: INTEGER_32)
effective procedure
set_colors (foreground: INTEGER_32, background: INTEGER_32)
effective procedure
get_foreground_color: INTEGER_32
effective function
get_background_color: INTEGER_32
effective function
set_parent (p: NCURSES_WIDGET)
effective procedure
add_child (child: NCURSES_WIDGET)
effective procedure
effective procedure
effective procedure
writable attribute
writable attribute
effective procedure
Action to be executed just before garbage collection reclaims an object.
effective procedure
ncurses: NCURSES
once function
Access to the ncurses singleton.
invisible_cursor_mode: INTEGER_32
constant attribute
In this mode the cursor is invisible.
default_visible_cursor_mode: INTEGER_32
constant attribute
The default visible cursor mode.
special_visible_cursor_mode: INTEGER_32
constant attribute
In this mode cursor may blink in a more special or in a more visible way.
valid_cursor_visibility (code: INTEGER_32): BOOLEAN
effective function
Chack that code is one of invisible_cursor_mode, default_visible_cursor_mode or special_visible_cursor_mode.
key_escape: INTEGER_32
constant attribute
key_return: INTEGER_32
constant attribute
Below are integer equivalent for special "function" keys.
key_min: INTEGER_32
key_break: INTEGER_32
key_sreset: INTEGER_32
key_reset: INTEGER_32
key_down: INTEGER_32
The Down arrow of the keyboard.
key_up: INTEGER_32
The Up arrow of the keyboard.
key_left: INTEGER_32
The Left arrow of the keyboard.
key_right: INTEGER_32
The Right arrow of the keyboard.
key_home: INTEGER_32
key_backspace: INTEGER_32
key_dl: INTEGER_32
key_il: INTEGER_32
key_dc: INTEGER_32
key_ic: INTEGER_32
key_eic: INTEGER_32
key_clear: INTEGER_32
key_eos: INTEGER_32
key_eol: INTEGER_32
key_sf: INTEGER_32
key_sr: INTEGER_32
key_next_page: INTEGER_32
Also labeled "Page Down" on some keyboards.
key_previous_page: INTEGER_32
Also labeled "Page Up" on some keyboards.
key_stab: INTEGER_32
key_ctab: INTEGER_32
key_catab: INTEGER_32
key_enter: INTEGER_32
key_print: INTEGER_32
key_ll: INTEGER_32
key_a1: INTEGER_32
key_a3: INTEGER_32
key_b2: INTEGER_32
key_c1: INTEGER_32
key_c3: INTEGER_32
key_btab: INTEGER_32
key_beg: INTEGER_32
key_cancel: INTEGER_32
key_close: INTEGER_32
key_command: INTEGER_32
key_copy: INTEGER_32
key_create: INTEGER_32
key_end: INTEGER_32
key_exit: INTEGER_32
key_find: INTEGER_32
key_help: INTEGER_32
key_mark: INTEGER_32
key_message: INTEGER_32
key_move: INTEGER_32
key_next: INTEGER_32
key_open: INTEGER_32
key_options: INTEGER_32
key_previous: INTEGER_32
key_redo: INTEGER_32
key_reference: INTEGER_32
key_refresh: INTEGER_32
key_replace: INTEGER_32
key_restart: INTEGER_32
key_resume: INTEGER_32
key_save: INTEGER_32
key_sbeg: INTEGER_32
key_scancel: INTEGER_32
key_scommand: INTEGER_32
key_scopy: INTEGER_32
key_screate: INTEGER_32
key_sdc: INTEGER_32
key_sdl: INTEGER_32
key_select: INTEGER_32
key_send: INTEGER_32
key_seol: INTEGER_32
key_sexit: INTEGER_32
key_sfind: INTEGER_32
key_shelp: INTEGER_32
key_shome: INTEGER_32
key_sic: INTEGER_32
key_sleft: INTEGER_32
key_smessage: INTEGER_32
key_smove: INTEGER_32
key_snext: INTEGER_32
key_soptions: INTEGER_32
key_sprevious: INTEGER_32
key_sprint: INTEGER_32
key_sredo: INTEGER_32
key_sreplace: INTEGER_32
key_sright: INTEGER_32
key_srsume: INTEGER_32
key_ssave: INTEGER_32
key_ssuspend: INTEGER_32
key_sundo: INTEGER_32
key_suspend: INTEGER_32
key_undo: INTEGER_32
key_mouse: INTEGER_32
key_resize: INTEGER_32
key_event: INTEGER_32
key_max: INTEGER_32
key_f0: INTEGER_32
key_f1: INTEGER_32
key_f2: INTEGER_32
key_f3: INTEGER_32
key_f4: INTEGER_32
key_f5: INTEGER_32
key_f6: INTEGER_32
key_f7: INTEGER_32
key_f8: INTEGER_32
key_f9: INTEGER_32
key_f10: INTEGER_32
key_f11: INTEGER_32
key_f12: INTEGER_32
key_function (num: INTEGER_32): INTEGER_32
black_color: INTEGER_32
red_color: INTEGER_32
green_color: INTEGER_32
yellow_color: INTEGER_32
blue_color: INTEGER_32
magenta_color: INTEGER_32
cyan_color: INTEGER_32
white_color: INTEGER_32
space: INTEGER_32
once function
return: INTEGER_32
once function
upper_left_corner: INTEGER_32
lower_left_corner: INTEGER_32
upper_right_corner: INTEGER_32
lower_right_corner: INTEGER_32
left_tee: INTEGER_32
right_tee: INTEGER_32
bottom_tee: INTEGER_32
top_tee: INTEGER_32
horizontal_line: INTEGER_32
vertical_line: INTEGER_32
scanline1: INTEGER_32
scanline9: INTEGER_32
diamond: INTEGER_32
checker_board: INTEGER_32
degree: INTEGER_32
plus_minus: INTEGER_32
bullet: INTEGER_32
left_arrow: INTEGER_32
right_arrow: INTEGER_32
down_arrow: INTEGER_32
up_arrow: INTEGER_32
board: INTEGER_32
lantern: INTEGER_32
block: INTEGER_32
scanline3: INTEGER_32
scanline7: INTEGER_32
less_or_equal: INTEGER_32
greater_or_equal: INTEGER_32
not_equal: INTEGER_32
sterling: INTEGER_32