Point of view
expanded class NUMBER_TOOLS
exported features
from_integer (n: INTEGER_32): NUMBER
effective function
from_integer_64 (n: INTEGER_64): NUMBER
effective function
Uses value n to create a new NUMBER.
from_string (formula: STRING): NUMBER
effective function
Parse the contents of formula to create a new NUMBER.
from_input_stream (input: INPUT_STREAM): NUMBER
effective function
Create a number from a file or standard input
is_number (formula: STRING): BOOLEAN
effective function
Is the formula a correct notation to create a NUMBER ? Actually, any correct formula using a combination of litteral integer constants with + - * / () and ! is a correct notation to create a NUMBER.
parser_buffer: MINI_PARSER_BUFFER
once function
This once function gives access to the unique parser_buffer to allow the memorization of the Current position and the memorization of the last error message.