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The javap Command


se javap [options] <Path>[.class]

The javap command prints a human readable version of the <Path> class file. Printing is done on standard output. This command was developed to check the byte code produced by command compile_to_jvm. It is useful only if you want to have a close look at the generated Java byte code.

This command may also be used to print Java byte code you obtained with Java compilers, such as SUN's javac. We find the output of javap more readable than the output of SUN's javap.


Display a brief summary of the command-line syntax and a complete list of javap options.

Print additional informations.

Show the number of the version of SmartEiffel you're using.


First, you have to produce some class files using command compile_to_jvm:

compile_to_jvm -boost hello_world
Then, using command print_to_jvm_class you can print on standard output a readable view of any produced class file. The following command prints the main class:
se javap hello_world.class
You can also print any class file of the hello_world directory. For example, under Unix, you can print the byte code produced for class INTEGER using command:
se javap hello_world/integer.class

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