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The SmartEiffel Mailing List

This mailing list is devoted to questions, answers, discussions, etc. about SmartEiffel, The GNU Eiffel Compiler. It is of course not reserved to interactions with the SmartEiffel team.

We try to ensure this list is one of high quality and low traffic and does not waste its subscribers' time. Thus, please be careful before sending any mail to the list because this is an unmoderated one.
Any mail should be related to SmartEiffel. Messages related to Eiffel may be more relevant in comp.lang.eiffel. Please avoid personal messages as well. No spam and no flames, of course.
Failure to comply with these few basic rules may cause your subscription to be terminated.

If you have questions about SmartEiffel, you may find the answer in the SmartEiffel FAQ and the various documentation accessible from the left hand side "menu" on each page of this site. You can also find answers in the mailing list archive just below.

If you think you find some bug, you may report it in the bug tracking system. If you are not sure you may discuss your problem on the mailing list before.

We hope you will find the SmartEiffel mailing list discussions valuable.:-)

To send an e-mail to all the list members, simply use the address SmartEiffel@loria.fr
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