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Premium Support and Consulting

Basically, SmartEiffel The GNU Eiffel compiler does not come with any warranty or support. However, if you do want a an extended support and/or a warranty (e.g. guaranteed response to fix a bug that annoys you), it is available on a contract basis.

On-site support is available for:

  • Training
    • Eiffel programming
    • Object-oriented design
    • Object-oriented technologies
    • Computer languages
    • Compiler technology and implementation
    • ...
  • Consulting
    • Audit
    • Work specific to your project
    • ...

Off-site support is available for:

  • Enhancement
  • Bug fix
  • Technical support assistance
  • ...

Corporations interested in any of these should contact us for further information.

The SmartEiffel FAQ

The first place you should look at when you have a question about SmartEiffel is the SmartEiffel FAQ. We try to keep it short but precise in order to maximise its usefulness. Please tell us if you do feel something important is really missing.

If you have questions which are related to Eiffel, but not specific to SmartEiffel, you are likely to find your answer in our Eiffel links page.

The SmartEiffel Mailing List

The SmartEiffel FAQ is complemented by the SmartEiffel mailing list.
Whenever one of your questions related to SmartEiffel was not answered by the SmartEiffel FAQ, you are welcome to ask it in the mailing list.

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