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Technical Information

Eiffel language syntax

The syntax page describe the syntax validity for an Eiffel program.


Learning is easier with examples. To get examples provided with SmartEiffel, download and install SmartEiffel if it is not already done. Examples are distributed in tutorial directory.

Whenever you need some help about some specific part, have a look to the tutorial. Given examples are both for beginners and experienced Eiffel developpers.

Help request: please, we need your feedback and/or help to improve tutorial. Any help is welcome, thanks!

The SmartEiffel Debugger

This is some documentation about the embedded SmartEiffel debugger.

Research Papers

All papers here (with summary).

Following links goes to the article's summary and full paper download in various formats:
Calling Eiffel from C

It is easy with SmartEiffel to call Eiffel routines from your external C code, although we encourage you to program everything in Eiffel, which is much nicer than C!

The mechanism allowing C code to call Eiffel routines is called Cecil.

Calling External Code from Eiffel

It is possible with SmartEiffel to call external code from your Eiffel source code. You can call either external C routines, or external Java routines.

You are encouraged to use our plugins system, although the older backend-dependant mechanism still exists (there).

A Few Things About the Generated C Code

Hmmm... If you're using SmartEiffel, you shouldn't be looking in this at all!
However, if you do want to tinker with SmartEiffel's guts, here are a few things you should know. For more information, you'll have to look by yourself to the generated C code -- which is not that ugly, since the feature names are kept almost unaltered.

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