deferred class CODE
exported features
start_position: POSITION
deferred function
Of the left-most character of Current.
specialize_in (type: TYPE): CODE
deferred function
Specialize Current knowing that the corresponding source code was written in type.
has_been_specialized: BOOLEAN
deferred function
Used both for specialize_in and specialize_thru to indicate that we have all FEATURE_STAMPs ready for use and that FEATURE_NAMEs are no longer used (except for calls on non-current target who are available after specialize_2 -- step).
specialize_thru (parent_type: TYPE, parent_edge: PARENT_EDGE, new_type: TYPE): CODE
deferred function
Assuming that Current is already specialized in parent_type, now specialize Current for the new_type knowing that this source code is inherited thru parent_edge.
specialize_2 (type: TYPE): CODE
deferred function
This specialize_2 step is applyed after specialize_in / specialize_thru.
specialize_2_without_checks (type: TYPE): CODE
effective function
Perform specialize_2 without checking the validity (export violations, ...)
side_effect_free (type: TYPE): BOOLEAN
deferred function
True when the evaluation of Current has no side effect at all (i.e. no memory allocated, no modification in the _heap_ memory, no external code with possible side effect).
use_current (type: TYPE): BOOLEAN
deferred function
Is Current used?
safety_check (type: TYPE)
deferred procedure
compile_to_c (type: TYPE)
deferred procedure
For an INSTRUCTION, produce the corresponding C code.
pretty (indent_level: INTEGER_32)
deferred procedure
accept (visitor: VISITOR)
deferred procedure
Accept to be visited by the visitor.