Class invariant
creation features
exported features
c_name: STRING
writable attribute
The external C name used to call the Eiffel code.
type_mark: TYPE_MARK
writable attribute
The one which is written in the -cecil file (i.e. its start_position is in the -cecil file).
feature_name: FEATURE_NAME
writable attribute
Of the feature to be called (also the one of the -cecil file).
type: TYPE
writable attribute
Alias of type_mark.type.
feature_stamp: FEATURE_STAMP
writable attribute
The corresponding one of type and feature_name.
is_creation: BOOLEAN
writable attribute
True if the function must call a creation procedure and return the created object.
accept (visitor: CECIL_ENTRY_VISITOR)
effective procedure
Accept to be visited by the visitor.