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This page is meant to be regularly sent on the dev mailing list (

It contains what the SmartEiffel team think would help us improve SmartEiffel... But of course other patches are welcome!

Table of contents

How you can help

Send code! Patches, new classes, anything. Of course all will not be blidnly accepted. There will be reviews, maybe refusals (explained). But you may get through... It already happened ;-)

Why not directly open the svn repository? Getting a write-access to the repository is a long and tedious process. But it does not mean that it cannot be achieved. You should start by sending patches, a lot. Be prepared to see some refusals. But we explain those so that you can get better and, someday (if you wish), you can get on board.

Meanwhile, use our development release to create your patches. Since the repository is based on Subversion (, maybe a good option is to use svk ( (a distributed frontend to SVN)?

What you can do

Apart from your own ideas, here are some items that would tremendously help us.


Vision needs widgets. You should start by studying the tutorial, write small widgets, then you can get grand scheme with themes and so on. But start small. A pretty button would be a start ;-)


Network has been in beta stage for quite some time now. It does not evolve because there are too few users.

Build applications using it. Send back reports on how you fare.

And above all: it needs a Windows port. The entry point is the C plugin: sys/plugins/net/c ( (the files should be self explanatory, if you need more explanations, look there or ask the dev mailing list (

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