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The Grand common blackboard is dedicated for day to day questions or for day to day discussions. It is also the good place to use when there is no appropriate page for what you want to say. Warning, this page is not supposed to be translated as it is in French.

I have followed the progress of SmallEiffel and later, SmartEiffel for some years now and with some interest. The biggest surprise to me is that there aren't more people using it. Lately, when I look on the SmartEiffel community pages, there seems to be a very high percentage of dead projects and expired links. This is worrying. Does this mean people are abandoning SmartEiffel in favor of other development tools or are there links to a thriving Eiffel community and projects that I'm just not aware of?


Many projects broke with the major changes from SmartEiffel 1.1 to 2.x.

Roger Browne

What is the fate of the Eiffel GUI libraries like eGTK? Nearly all the projects that were listed on the old (pre-wiki) SmartEiffel page seemed to have latest releases dated in 2003 or earlier. What are people mostly using for the GUI aspects of an app? I haven't used the 'vision' libraries as they weren't around when I last used SmartEiffel. Are they comprehensive/mature enough to build application GUIs? Is 'vision' supported across all SmartEiffel platfrms (or at least the major ones)?


The 'vision' library, although very interesting, cannot be regarded as mature. I hope that some of the SE 1.1 GUI libraries to be ported to SE 2.x soon.

Roger Browne 16:33, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)

I cannot find any list on the future implementations. I thought it was written somewhere.
François Colonna

See Roadmap Colnet 16:02, 20 Jul 2005 (CEST).

  1. Most of the people in the scientific simulation community know nothing about Objects.
    It will be very helpful to have a kind of Object Oriented Programming Tutorial. It could refer to already described concepts but will emphazise on the main newbie 's defaults.
  2. One of the most difficult aspect of OO is Class Design. It would be extremely appreciated by newbies to get critics and advices on their projects by volunteer gurus.
    To do this efficiently we need an UML diagrams displayer showing visually relationships between Objects. Some extension to EiffelDoc should do the job, displaying an UML diagram through an HTML interface. The guru will also need to modify the Class Design directly on the newbie disk space.

This can be organized with the help of a specific mailing-list.

François Colonna 14:27 Wednesday 26 July 2017

I'm going to add a Compatibility section, given that it is a frequently asked question

Dmoisset 14:16, 25 Nov 2005 (CET)

Is 'vision' dead?

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