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There are two solutions to follow the current development branch of SmartEiffel: either the daily snapshot or the Subversion repository.

Table of contents

Retrieve the bleeding edge

The daily snapshot

A snapshot of the upcoming SmartEiffel release is available on the download page ( You can check the time ( when the snapshot was taken.

The Subversion repository

Subversion ( aims to be a version control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS ( The definitive reference is Version Control with Subversion ( published by O'Reilly Media ( The FAQ ( is also useful.

Our subversion repositorly lives at svn://

A ViewCVS ( (ViewSVN) interface is available here (

To check out a local copy, use:

svn checkout svn:// SmartEiffel

Once the repository is checked out, the subsequent updates are performed in the SmartEiffel root directory by the following command:

svn update

Subversion clients are available for most operating systems. For the subversion source code, visit the Subversion project home ( If you use windows, try TortoiseSVN ( Binary packages ( are also available for most operating systems.


SVK ( is a decentralized version control system written in Perl. It uses the Subversion filesystem but provides additional, powerful features.

Please do not mirror the entire SmartEiffel repository. You will suck up huge amounts of bandwidth and CPU on our servers for lots of data you will never look at.

The easiest thing to do is to just synchronize the head of the trunk and pull changes forward from there. You won't get branches, but that is probably ok.

svk mirror svn:// //mirror/smarteiffel
svk sync -s HEAD //mirror/smarteiffel

If you really need a local copy of all historical revisions on your local machine, please use the following process to bootstrap your local mirror:

svk depotmap --init 
bzcat svk-bootstrap-dump.bz2 | svnadmin load --ignore-uuid ~/.svk/local/
svk sync //mirror/smarteiffel

This will be the equivalent of mirroring and syncing the entire repository up to the date of the dump. (Which will mean you'll only need to update your local copy with the remaining revisions.)

svk-bootstrap-dump ( was last updated on September 25th, 2006 to revision 7821 (md5sum 6dafed82885c7cc44e79e68269c966ec).

Install the system

This being a developer edition, there are a few steps to perform before having a live SmartEiffel system.

The commands are given for a Linux system and must be modified for other systems.

1. Prepare your configuration file

This step must be performed only the first time. Reuse a 2.2 configuration file, edit it and adapt it for your dev version. The file systax is clear enough and there are a lot of comments inside.

2. Install the system

This step is performed in the checked-out or untarred SmartEiffel directory. Starting from r7653 it takes care of the germ and installer compilations, so the instructions are really more simple:

1. Fetch something to drink; I'd suggest a nice cup of tea

2. A snack could be nice too; maybe some cookies?

3. Sit down, lay back (not too far back). Don't put up your feet yet, because you need to install SmartEiffel as usual:


4. Now put up your feet and enjoy your tea

Switching to comitter

You've just been granted comitter-access to the repository? Congratulations! And you don't even need to discard your working copy or svk repository to get write access, you can switch it.

Switching svn

svn switch --relocate svn:// svn+ssh://

Switching svk

svk mirror --relocate //mirror/smarteiffel svn+ssh://
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